Barley, Garbanzos, Kale and Squash

Barley with ghee and mineral salt Garbanzo beans with ghee, turmeric powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, asafetida, and mineral salt Kale with coconut oil, fresh ginger, cumin seeds, cardamom powder, fennel seeds, and mineral salt Butternut squash with ghee, coriander … Continue reading

Brown Basmati Rice, Sweet Potatoes and Beets, Cabbage and Kale, Black Eyed Peas

-Brown Basmati rice with coconut oil and mineral salt -Sweet potatoes and beets with ghee, fresh ginger, coriander powder, nutmeg and mineral salt. -Green cabbage and Dino Kale with sesame oil, fresh turmeric, fresh ginger, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, coriander … Continue reading

Carrot ginger soup with cashews (recipe!)

Carrot ginger soup with cashews: serves 4 2 T ghee 2 T fresh ginger, chopped 1 t fresh turmeric, chopped 2 t fenugreek seeds 1 t cumin seeds 1 t coriander powder 3/4 t mineral salt 1/4 c cashews 6 … Continue reading

Carrot Squash Soup, Dosas, Adzuki Bean Hummus and Greens

Carrot Squash Soup with Ginger (see recipe below) Avocado Slice Dosas made with cumin seeds and coriander powder. Adzuki Bean Hummus: Adzukis cooked with ghee, mineral salt, asafoetida, cumin, cinnamon. ┬áBlended with tahini, sesame oil, a squeeze of lime, and … Continue reading

Whole Bowl of the Day -with Black Eyed Pea Hummus (Recipe!)

Yellow squash with ghee, dill seeds, coriander powder, and pinch of cumin Kale with mung bean sprouts, sunflower oil, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, fresh ginger and turmeric White basmati rice with ghee and teff Black Eyed Pea Hummus (see recipe … Continue reading

Beets, Collard Greens with Celery, Black Eyed Peas, and Brown Rice with Quinoa

Collard greens and celery with sunflower oil, fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, cumin powder, mustard seeds, cumin powder, coriander seeds. Black eyed peas with sesame oil, nori strips, asafoetida, ajwain seeds, fresh turmeric, cumin powder, coriander powder Short grain brown rice … Continue reading

First meal off the cleanse

Today we had separate foods for dinner, our first meal coming off the kitchadi cleanse. After a week of one-pot meals where the foods had time to stew together and get to know each other for a while before being eaten, we wanted to make this meal nice and easy to digest, so i used ingredients that are also in kitchadis. This way, the body would not be shocked into digesting a bunch of foods with very different qualities. White basmati rice is the easiest grain to digest, and split mung (mung daal) the easiest bean. Broccoli is a favorite of the Japanese ladies, and we also had sweet turnips. The fresh oregano from Durga Farm on Kauai is amazing- some leaves the size of my palm! Oregano is also a great herb for digestion.

White basmati rice, ghee, mineral salt

Split mung beans (soupy), ghee, cumin seeds, black mustard seeds, sesame seeds, coriander powder, kombu, asafoetida, mineral salt

Broccoli, fresh chopped oregano leaves, fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, coriander seeds, coriander powder, cardamom powder, mineral salt

Sweet turnips, ghee, fenugreek powder, coriander powder, fennel powder, mineral salt