Digestive Kitchadi with Pumpkin and Broccoli


So delicious! Fresh organic pumpkin from Durga Farm in Anahola, Kauai, is the creamiest, most flavorful pumpkin on earth. This kitchadi is good for stimulating digestion, with bay leaves, warming oregano, and heating ajwain (celery) seeds. The students are still adjusting to the time difference and full schedule, but their appetites have been steadily increasing! After the pot was licked clean at lunch, I increased the recipe and made a thicker version for dinner and there was still only 1/3 c left at the end. Many people’s appetites increase when this pumpkin is involved.

4 c brown basmati rice (5 c white basmati for dinner)
2 c split mung beans (2 1/2 c for dinner)
12 T ghee (split V/RB)
1 T 2 t mineral salt (T RB, 2 t V)
2 Heaping T cumin seeds (RB)
2 Heaping T coriander seeds (RB)
1 T mustard seeds (RB)
6 strips kombu (RB)
12 bay leaves (RB)
Pea-sized chunk of asafoetida (RB)
2 1/2 t ajwain seeds (1 1/2 t RB, 1 t V)
1 T cardamom powder (V)
3 T fresh grated ginger (V)
1 T fresh grated turmeric (V)
2 T oregano (V)
10 c pumpkin, chopped
8 c broccoli, chopped
Water as needed
Top with ground flax seed and fresh parsley or cilantro

Cook the veggies and (V) ingredients in a big pot with enough room to add the rice/beans and (RB) ingredients, which are cooked in a pressure cooker. As always, heat ghee, add spices and simmer until their aroma comes up, add veggies or rice/beans and stir to coat the food in spices for a minute or two. Add water as needed, cover and let cook! Rice/bean time was about 22 mins at pressure, veggies took about 20 mins cooking.