About the Chef

Always interested in our relationship with the environment, I was introduced to Ayurveda in 2010, while on break from cooking aboard a tall ship sailing around the Hawaiian Islands.  I had been looking for a work/trade exchange involving yoga when I discovered Hale Pule.  Myra Lewin, an experienced yogini, Ayurvedic Practitioner, healer, teacher, and so much more, made the most phenomenally delicious meals I’d ever eaten.  She gave me the opportunity to train with her and cook for her yoga teacher trainings, and I have been drawn to this lifestyle ever since.

Now living in South Lake Tahoe, I cook Whole Bowls (Ayurvedic lunches) daily for friends (Olympian Jamie Anderson) and folks in town, and also cook for other yoga trainings, retreats, and events.  In June 2014 I will to return to the magical island of Kauai full-time to learn more about yoga and Ayurveda, cook for Hale Pule, and work on Myra’s organic farm.  Ayurveda has enriched my life on so many levels, and cooking this healthy, healing food for people is my way of sharing this.

Thank you for stopping by!

Much love, Kelsey Lea

Kelsey Lea


2 thoughts on “About the Chef

  1. So inspired! This food
    Is absolutely amazing, full of love & high vibrational healing ingredients! I feel so fortunate to have a friend like Kelsey in my life, and to embrace her amazing Whole Bowl creations. Much love to all!

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