Kidney Cleansing Kitchadi with Carrots, Yacon and Purple Cabbage

Today we had a kidney cleansing kitchadi, a bit of a diuretic with burdock root (fresh from Durga Farm), yacon, carrots, and purple cabbage. So colorful! I also threw in some mung bean sprouts that needed to be used, and instead of water I used leftover tea (Green Rooibos with cinnamon sticks). The tea worked well as the recipe I was modifying called for cinnamon anyway- it’s warming, sweet taste helps to balance the astringency of the adzuki beans and burdock. This recipe was a bit too heavy on veggies, especially for active people needing some more grounding, substantive food. In the evening, I did not use sprouts, I added more rice (4 c, white basmati), which also came out wonderful.

3 3/4 c brown basmati rice
3 1/2 c adzuki beans, soaked (more like 1 1/2 c dry)
Pea-sized chunk of asafoetida (RB)
1 T + 2 t salt (T RB, 2 t V)
6 strips kombu, chopped (RB)
1 T fennel seeds (V)
1 T brown mustard seeds (RB)
2 T cumin seeds (RB)
2 T coriander seeds (RB)
12 bay leaves (RB)
18 fresh curry leaves (yum!) (V)
1 t sweet cinnamon (V)
1 T cardamom powder (V)
1 t cardamom seeds (removed from pods) (V)
2 T turmeric (V)
6 c carrots chopped
6 c yacon root chopped
2 c burdock root chopped
2 c mung bean sprouts
Water or tea as needed

If you’re reducing the recipe, you could do it all together in a pressure cooker, releasing the pressure just before the rice and beans are done to add veggies, and then take it back up to pressure for the last 5 mins or so. Otherwise, heat ghee in a pressure cooker for rice and beans (RB), and a pot for veggies (V). Put all RB spices in the pressure cooker, and the V spices in the pot, and cook until their aroma comes up. Add the rice and beans to pressure cooker, and the veggies to the veggie pot, and stir until the food is coated in spices. Add water in the right proportion to rice and beans, and enough water to just cover the veggies. In the above amounts, pressure cooking time was 22 mins at pressure and veggies cooked in about 25 mins.

Enjoy, and let your kidneys rejoice!
Recipe modified from Myra Lewin’s at Hale Pule

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