Warming Sweet Potato Kitchadi


Today was our first day of another 200 hr Japanese Yoga Teacher Training here on Kauai, with many students coming from Tokyo. As with all kitchadi cleanses, we had kunyi (soupy rice) for breakfast. Tea today was Green Rooibos with cinnamon sticks and honey (yum)! Weather was cool and rainy all day, so I made a warming sweet potato kitchadi with kale for lunch and again for dinner. For those of you in *really* cold weather, if you want some extra warming, don’t be afraid to add a little more heat to your meal: cloves, black peppercorns, and cinnamon are all warming spices. Especially the peppercorns and clove, so don’t get too crazy with those or you’ll cause pitta (fiery dosha) imbalance.
Below are the ingredients, serving 28 people. I cooked the rice/beans/RB spices in a pressure cooker and the veggies/V spices in a separate pot, and combined them at the end. I was cooking by intuition so I’m sorry for this mess of a “recipe,” but it came out very good!

3 3/4 c brown basmati rice (white for dinner- easier to digest before bedtime)
1 3/4 c split mung beans
12 T ghee (6 T RB, 6 T V)
4 t mineral salt (2 t RB, 2 t V)
4 strips kombu, cut into little pieces (RB)
1 pea-sized chunk of real asafoetida (you can use 1/4 – 1/2 t powder) (RB)
1 T mustard seeds (RB)
2 T cumin seeds (RB)
2 T coriander seeds (RB)
2 t coriander powder (RB) -coriander is cooling, to balance out a bit of heat
9 cloves (5 RB, 4 V)
4 sweet cinnamon sticks (2 RB, 2V)
2 t cinnamon (1 RB, 1 V)
1 T cardamom powder (2 t RB, 1 t V)
2 t cardamom seeds, taken out of the pods (V)
3 T fresh grated ginger (V)
1 T fresh grated turmeric (V)
10 c chopped sweet potatoes
10 c chopped dino kale
Water as needed (1:4 mung, 1:3 brn rice, 1:2 white rice, enough to just cover veggies).

I cooked the veggies in a big pot with enough room to add the rice/beans from the pressure cooker. As always, heat oil and spices until their aroma comes up, add veggies or rice/beans and stir to coat the food in spices for a minute or two, add water as needed, cover and let cook! Rice/bean time was about 22 mins at pressure, veggies took about 45 mins cooking.

Recipe inspired by Myra Lewin at Hale Pule

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