Whole Bowl of the Day

A sweet thanksgiving-inspired meal!
  • Sweet potatoes and green kale with fresh cranberries, cinnamon ghee, cinnamon, cumin, coriander, and nutmeg
  • White basmati rice with dried apricots, fresh cranberries, cinnamon ghee, fresh ginger and turmeric
  • Green beans with coconut oil, almonds, fresh ginger, and cardamom
  • A sweet, plump date!

2013-11-26 21.40.42


2 thoughts on “Whole Bowl of the Day

  1. Beware!! This meal is NOT an ideal Ayurvedic meal, as mixing fruits (the cranberries and dried apricots, although cooked) with other foods may cause indigestion, including constipation and gas. Fruits are easily digested and can break down pretty quickly; however, combining fruits with grains or nuts especially, which take much longer to digest, is not great for most people. This can lead to fermentation in the digestive tract and cause the constipation, gas, bloating, etc. A better option is to simply leave out the fruit!

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