Beautiful, calming tea blend

Beautiful Calming Tea

I just got home to Tahoe a couple days ago and this drastic change in season/climate is pretty shocking.  Tahoe was bright, sunny, dry and hot when I left at the end of August.  The past month in Kauai was hot, lush, and pretty humid.  Not only have I abruptly entered the COLD, dry, windy (very Vata aggravating) season of autumn, but up here at 6,400 feet all of these elements seem to be amplified.  My body is constantly craving hot tea and warm, soupy meals like kitchadi and kunyi!  Calm that Vata dosha!

Here’s a tea I made from what I had lying around, and it came out *wonderful*

2 parts Chamomile (calming, cooling, balancing), 2 parts Lavender (calming, soothing, balancing), 2 parts Rose hips (soothing, immunity boosting, cooling), 1 part Ginger (hot, pungent) and 1 part Licorice (warm, sweet)


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