Day 5: Liver/Gall Bladder Cleansing Kitchadi

Day 5, Midday and Evening Meals: Liver/Gall Bladder Cleansing Kitchadi

This one is much more delicious than it sounds!  It is another diuretic kitchadi and just mildly laxative.  In the midday meal I used zucchini and collard greens, and for the evening meal I used pumpkin and kale (so good with barley!).  The recipe calls for the following modifications to the Simple Kitchadi:

  • No ghee, substitute 3 T sunflower oil
  • No rice, substitute 1 c pearled barley
  • Increase to 1/2 t black mustard seeds
  • Add 6 – 8″ chopped burdock root
  • Add 1 chopped parsnip
  • Add 1 T chopped dried dandelion root
  • about 15 – 20 mins before cooking is complete, add broccoli or dark leafy greens for extractive vegetables (collard greens and kale are great)

Zucchini Kitch

Recipe by Myra Lewin at

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